Well that’s that then!

The process of getting Whisky back to what passes for normal in the dog world has continued so much so that I let her off the lead for good on Tuesday! To say I was apprehensive is a typical British understatement, I was worried sick but I needn’t have bothered. She stayed around the house, followed me down the garden and then came back with me too, played with the other dogs and when I’ve have visitors she jumps up them for a fuss as if she had never done anything else. She now eats her food alongside the others, I don’t allow them to have a bowl sitting there all day, it gets eaten at the time or is put away and presented again at the next mealtime.

Very pleased to say she is now acting mostly like a “normal” dog.  Here she is eating with all the others.


She also will lie down and relax and even go to sleep in the morning while I’m drinking my second coffee on the terrace as I showed in the photo on the last blog instalment.

She still panics occasionally but not so badly that you would worry about her too much.

Well rather than terminate this blog here now that I’ve gone to all the trouble of setting it up and now that she has “rehabilitated herself”* I think I’ll make it a blog about all my dogs and cats and try to post amusing, interesting or just plain ordinary stories that I like and can invent without taxing what passes for my brain too much. It might be amusing, there might be a bit of sadness, it could even be complete fiction if I have a “writing” moment but it will be about the dogs, what they do, what I think they might do, what they haven’t done yet and what I wish they would do, not necessarily in that order.

Those of you who have “followed” this blog I thank very much and I won’t think badly of you if you wish to end your following at this point. If you would like to read my blatherings about general life in a dog sanctuary from it’s head inmate then by all means carry on, your comments will always be welcome. I must say this has been a great deal shorter that I expected it to be but all credit to Whisky, she has adapted far more quickly than I could ever have imagined…now if I can just find a way to stop Wolfie barking so much….



*Alice’s Restaurant – Arlow Guthrie.




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13 Responses to Well that’s that then!

  1. Lovely news! Well done you!


  2. Moira Rutherford says:

    Oh what a great reward for your patience. She is gorgeous and is a credit to you. Will the blog still have the same name? I wonder if you followed my blog last year Just Josh Confidential. I loved doing it but beware it was so successful, mainly due to his supporters, that I wrote is biography in the same model.e by Josh himself .love your blog

    Liked by 1 person

    • cukurbagli says:

      Yes I’ll leave everything the same for a while then maybe change some stuff but the web address might as well be the same. If I change it I will make sure I let everyone know before I do it.

      No I didn’t know about your Josh blog until I saw the book being advertised.


  3. Elly says:

    And again love and patience have won. So good to read that Whisky is doing great. It isn’t always easy, I know. It’s a pity Whisky’s blog has ended now, but I’m loojing forward to your new blog.
    I wish you, Whisky and all your 4-legged furry friends all the best


    • cukurbagli says:

      Thank you very much Elly, I will try to carry on with amusing anecdotes about the rest of them, they get up to enough trouble for me to write a book!


      • Elly says:

        How is Whisky doing now? Did you already started a new blog? Perhaps I’ve missed it. Or were you to busy making beds for the KAFC shelter😊.

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      • cukurbagli says:

        Hi again Elly,
        No I haven’t posted a new blog for a long time, perhaps I should write one in the next day or two. Whisky is doing fine, still quite shy but only of me it seems, she will happily go to anybody else who comes into the garden, except the guys who come to spray for mosquitoes. The beds for the shelter seem to be useful, they still need more though.
        I’ll see if I can get Whisky to sit still long enough for a photo and write a blog about all the dogs very soon.


      • Elly says:

        I’m sure it only takes time and then Whisky won’t be shy anymore. It’s bizar that many of the shelter dogs duslike men. Here the same with Ollie at first. Luckily my husband was his great friend from the first moment. Lulu always liked everyone.
        Your beds at the shelter are great as far as I can see. Hope to visit Kas and the shelter sometime…
        I’d like to post here a photo of Ollie and Lulu, but I believe it isn’t possible. If you want to see them, you can find them on posts on the KAFC FB.
        Wish you and your furry friends a very happy New Year



  4. Sue Pye says:

    What a transformation. So pleased to hear that Whisky has now fully settled in and got so confident and happy with all your other dogs and cats. Well done Chris. 😊🐶 x


  5. cukurbagli says:

    Thank you Sue. 🙂


  6. Linda says:

    Well done to you and Whisky Chris,
    I adopted a dog from the Kaş shelter a couple of months ago, she gets on very well with my other rescue dog and is just coming into her own and much more confident, she was quite nervous and wary at first. Unfortunately she has had 2 operations on her nose, one to remove a tumour and then 3 weeks ago another to clear her sınuses,although I named her Leyla she does a lot of snorting still but I hope it will clear up soon, she is afectionately known as Snorty to my friends and my older dog of almost 14 has a few little warts so its Snorty and Warty but only to their friends.!

    Rescue dogs give us so much in return for the love and care we give to them, keep giving us news via your blog.



    • cukurbagli says:

      Thanks for your comment Linda and good for you for getting another dog from a shelter, it doesn’t really matter which does it. All of my 5 dogs and 3 cats have rescued in one way or another and I continue to rescue little animals and lizards that the cats bring in. Good luck to Snorty and Warty for the future.


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