The New Life Begins

How did I come to bring Whisky home to my house? Well on Sunday 30th of April the Kaş Animal Friends Charity organised a walk for the dogs in the shelter so that volunteers could take one or two dogs each for a day out. The walk was up the dirt road from the main Mediterranean coastal road to the ancient Lycian city of Kyaneai. I was one of the volunteers and took my own (ex shelter) dog Wolfie and was “issued” with a little black dog called Piskie.

We had a good walk uphill to the city and a nice lunch of döner chicken and various salad dishes and a couple of drinks. I took some food and water for the dogs in my backpack.

Piskie seemed to be a nervous little thing, pulled at the lead a lot but was going in the right direction so I didn’t mind too much. We stopped a couple of times en-route and I gave them some water but Piskie didn’t drink much. While we were at the city she wouldn’t eat anything, just had a little water and was continuously trying to pull away so I decided to leave early and take her back down to where we had parked the cars by the main road.

The walk down from Kyaneai always seems a lot longer than the walk up, I’ve been there a few times but we eventually got to the car and I took the dogs back to my place intending to take Piskie back to the dog sanctuary after about an hour or so when I judged that the others would be returning.

Well once back at my place it became more obvious to me that Piskie was nearly catatonic with stress and fear. I realised that far from being a nice day out she had not enjoyed the walk at all and in fact was terrified most of the time. I decided that I’d let her live with me and learn to have a pleasant stress free life.

Yeah I might be a big softie but until I came to Turkey I had never really been in a position to make much of a difference. Animals have a hard enough time at the hands of humans, particularly cats and dogs. For the first time in my life I find myself in the lucky position of having the space for a few animals to live a relatively nice life with food, shelter, love and respect. Five dogs and three cats live with me, all rescued one way or another. Who knows how long it will last? But it will be for as long as I can.r .org) –>

16 Responses to The New Life Begins

  1. Hi Chris, Glad u got Whiskey. She is a beauty. What a gentle-looking, intelligent looking sweet dog. She will calm down in your house and with the other happy canine lot. I think living in cages cannot be a good life for dogs. All well here in San Jose. Rocky, my cat is well. His appetite is not as good as it used to be. So I give him treats like Tuna and cream to make him gain weight. He is nearly 18 or 19 now, a senior senor. Qazi.


    • cukurbagli says:

      Thank you Javaid, yes she will calm down given a bit of time. Wow Rocky is doing well with you, that’s a great age for a cat. He is obviously well looked after.


  2. One day I surely would like to visit you in Kash and get acquainted with your menagerie.


  3. Carol says:

    Hi Chris, I enjoy reading about your life in Kas and especially the animals. Fond memories of my visit and a life which might have been! Sadly the necessity for UK medical treatment keeps me here and have had several surgeries on my eyes. I have a little dog of my own now and enjoy daily walks in Devon which is beautiful. Carry on enjoying your life and giving love and care to your canine and feline family.


    • cukurbagli says:

      Hi Carol, thank you for your sweet message, I’m sorry to hear about your eye operations, I hope it is soon over. Yes Devon is beautiful, I had the first five years of my RAF career near Barnstaple, loved it but I was young and irresponsible then, now I’m old and still irresponsible but a great deal wiser. Heh heh. I’ll send you an email.


  4. sandra osborne says:

    The walk was a very special day and a dog getting a home made it extra special – look forward to reading your blog! Hope it will inspire others to offer an unwanted dog a loving home – Kas and Kalkan dogs are very special,thats for sure.
    Turkey is very special too!


  5. Sue Pye says:

    Whisky is so lucky to have you in her life. Although she didn’t enjoy the walk it was the best day of her life as she met you and now has a wonderful home and a happy life ahead. Look forward to hearing all about it. 😊🐶


  6. John Sargent says:

    Waco matey it’s really great to see how well you are doing, and also your lovely little friends (four legged) we’ll have to start calling you Dr Dolittle ha ha, but joking apart anyone who is a friend of animals is a friend of mine I hope. We have a rescue dog ourselves complete with problems, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Your bungalow looks brilliant Chris you have chosen well mate, all looks really comfy, I’m quite envious. Keep well Chris and happy days.


    • cukurbagli says:

      Hi John, nice to hear from you, thanks for posting a comment. Yes I’m very comfy here with the dogs and cats, I’ll drop you a line a bit later today. TRAB Chris


  7. LooneyB says:

    I wrote a reply and it disappeared. That’s the trouble with getting old… I wondered how you were doing in the heat and if you had been swimming yet. If not, shame on you because I have ( in Britain) Anyway I love this Blog and hopefully you will do more. Its a great thing to write and someone I follow in New England writes about her cats, from their perspective.
    She has a lot of followers, so sure you will gain lots of interested readers if its about ” pets”

    Liked by 1 person

    • cukurbagli says:

      Aha! You suffer from that most annoying of modern curses that afflict the mature typist using a computer, tablet, smart phone, Ipad or what have you. I refer of course to the errant finger touch of the hesitant hand passing over the often virtual keyboard between pecks. A curse that I myself have just been victim to which is why this is my second attempt at a reply to your very welcome comment. Thank you, thank you thank you and I will definitely peruse the lady’s cat blog referred to within said comment.

      Yes, I admit it, I am deserving of your scorn and heaped shame, I have not been swimming and applaud you who have. The truth of the matter (or my version of it) is that although I am an able swimmer over shorter distances I do not take much pleasure in the amphibian art. Where some people regard a game of golf as a good walk ruined I similarly regard swimming in the sea as a day at the beach upset with an excess of salt.


  8. LooneyB says:

    oh indeed shame on you. There is nothing like swimming in the cool water to heal your soul. As for the excess of salt , I love to lick it off my skin!


    • cukurbagli says:

      I was going to say something inappropriate as a riposte to the skin licking comment but thought better of it, this is a family show after all. In fact yesterday I was being badgered to go swimming by a very nice young lady (younger than me anyway) with olive skin so I might just succumb. I should also point out that a few years ago I did a week long sub-aqua course here so it’s not as though I’m incapable or don’t like water. By the way are you aware that there are a lot of photos that won’t show on the LB blog, all I get are place markers, Reliant Robin etc are culprits that I’ve found so far.


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