Whisky’s still here, now she’s got a friend

I can’t believe its nearly four years since I started this blog about Whisky. Well yesterday she gained a friend, another little dog from the dog sanctuary came to live with us so I decided to resurrect the blog and include how I found this new one.

I read a story and saw some photographs of a little dog who had been severely injured and then treated quite badly after her recovery.

Rather than me writing my own version of the story I am copying from a Facebook post written by Teresa, one of the volunteers heavily involved with looking after street dogs here. I am also including Teresa’s photos of Sevgi when she arrived at the shelter last year for the first time, on the operating table and afterwards during recovery.

Sevgi’s story. Last year a small dog was seen being dumped from a car. Her body was in a broken state, but fortunately Mustafa (dog shelter worker) had been alerted and he collected her and brought her to the shelter where Didem (Council Veterinary Surgeon) operated on her amputating one of her legs and her tail. She had gone through so much but made a good recovery and became a much loved addition to the shelter. She was kindly sponsored by Patricia Casteels (another volunteer who visits regularly). In June last year her luck seemed to change when a local family adopted her. They changed her name and seemed really happy with her.

Under anaesthetic

One day I was driving along the main road from “Big Pebble Beach” to Kas town when I saw a small three legged dog running behind a couple. I recognised her and asked the German tourists she was following. They told me she often walked with them. This was worrying as she had already been run over and should not have been left to walk on a main road, but many dog owners here leave their dogs to wander around to the extent that it is often difficult to distinguish between owned dogs and street dogs.

Her leg and tail are taken off

One very rainy night a couple of months ago Angela “another sanctuary volunteer) and I were driving up the main road beyond Big Pebble Beach when caught in the headlights was a small three legged dog running in the middle of the dark road. She was absolutely wet through. We phoned around to get the exact location of the family who had adopted her and took her there. The garden was enclosed and she would not have been able to enter even if she had returned. They took her in but did not seem overjoyed to have her back.


Just after the lock-down she was back at the sanctuary. The family had left her there saying she chased chickens. Didem asked them why they did not keep her in the enclosed garden and apparently it was because she knocked over the flower pots. No comment.

Is there a family out there for this little creature?

Well yes, there is a family, she is now part of mine.

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