New Kennel

I finally got my act together and went down to the local wood supplier and bought two big sheets of plywood, quite expensive they were too. Their delivery driver, an old friendof mine, Mustafa, delivered it for me fifteen minutes later and I set about making a new kennel. Had I made one just for Whisky it would have been half the price but I thought I would make a three berth one for all the girls, Minnie and Molly too. It took me all of the next morning and a bit of the afternoon but it looks good. It won’t be out in the rain at all so it’s really just a place for them to retreat to and feel safe. Here’s a photo.

Triple Kennel

I suppose I could have gone mad and made a pointy roof for each of them too but it’s better to have a useful flat place to put things  or for them to jump up on if they like.

So Wolfie is the only one without a kennel but that is purely his choice, I made one for him but he doesn’t like to use it. After a couple of weeks of trying I moved it off the porch and Aslan started using it, Wolfie is happy sleeping on the dogs’ settee at night.

Whisky has made some more progress getting over her shyness and panicking. When walking with me if I stop she will usually come and stand right next to me now and sometimes even sits down. Sitting on the patio with her has always been frustrating because she has always ranged at the end of her lead and hasn’t relaxed at all but during the last few days she has started to sit and yesterday to even lie down.

The panics have not disappeared though, she will still jump and run away if something surprises her so there’s still a lot of work to do. We spent most of one morning walking around my car with her leading and reaching out with her nose to try and smell the tyres. She only came within about a eighteen inches of touching it but the next day actually left a wet nose print. It’s little steps forward like that every time, nothing comes easy while she is learning to overcome her fear of the unknown.

The morning fussing and stroking session continues and she has now started jumping up to me at other times of the day too. She has also started to eat her food outside her kennel but still won’t take a treat from my hand although if it’s on the floor it disappears in a flash. I’d like to do some obedience training with her but until she’ll take some food or a treat from my hand it seems we’ll have to wait, we’ll just have to work hard getting her to develop enough trust to do that.

More later…



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