Oh the heat!

Yes we’ve had a good few very hot days up here in the village, here’s a photo of my outside/inside thermometer,


45C outside in the shade of the veranda roof, 34C inside the house. During the day the dogs have all been coming inside the house and sleeping in the air-conditioned comfort of 25C in my bedroom. With them all sleeping closely together like that Whisky has accepted the others and been accepted much more closely and quickly than before, another great leap forward in fitting in to the lifestyle here. She has also become much more trusting of me. She even likes to interact with the cats, here she is with Katie.

Whisky, Katie

These two get on well, maybe because they are both the same colour or more likely that Katie is a very brave and outgoing cat. She looks a bit strange here licking her nose but she had just been having a drink of water and still had it all over her face.

Whisky has also been getting a lot more confident in the way she walks around the garden, her head is up most of the time and she’s taking much more of an interest in all of the goings on around her. She has also gained the confidence to sit by me on one of the patios and sometimes even lie down and close her eyes.

Sudden movements and strange sounds can still panic her though and she is still wary of new things and places, for example I have brought her into the spare room where I keep my computers and tools while I am typing this blog. She’s been in here with me for about 10 minutes and is still standing and looking around at everything and seems a bit scared to move. I’ll just wait and read the papers or do something else to see if she gets used to it.

One thing that I’m very glad she has stopped doing is making a dive for the kennel anytime we pass by it. She can now just stand by it and not dive in for safety, that means she doesn’t upset her water bowl so often.

We’ll just have to Keep Calm and Carry On.

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2 Responses to Oh the heat!

  1. Sue Pye says:

    So lovely to hear that Whisky is making such good progress. If only they could talk as goodness knows what happened to her before she got to the shelter. Now she has a wonderful home and slowly beginning to get more confident. 🐕😊 x


  2. cukurbagli says:

    Actually Sue she was born in the shelter so “should” have had a trouble free life but who knows, a couple of the other dogs might have set about her. Thanks for your comment.


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